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A renovated palace offering an authentic vision of life in a 20th-century mansion.

Built by José Luis Oriol Urigüen, it reflects the architecture, decoration and furnishings of a bourgeoisie in search of its own style.

What was, back in 1912, the first palace in the Neguri area and a symbol of an aristocratic bourgeoisie with British leanings, is today a luxury hotel that embraces prestige, soul and avant-garde style a hundred years after its construction.

Its exterior beauty, featuring an architectural style resembling that of a medieval castle, and its historic pergola in the heart of the garden, are combined with the richness to be found in each room. Pieces made for Palacio Arriluce Hotel include works by artists such as Sonia Delaunay, Alberdi, Diego Canogar and Jon Cacenave, while the interior design shows the influence of William Morris, Art Deco and the colour characteristic of the family's past.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel Getxo Bilbao - Luxury hotel in a splendid building
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Bilbao Getxo - Luxury hotel in a magnificent building
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Bilbao Getxo - Luxury hotel with a reception
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Bilbao Getxo - Luxury hotel with a terrace and views of the Cantabrian Sea.
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Bilbao Getxo - Luxury hotel in Bilbao Getxo with the Sea Lounge
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Getxo Bilbao - Luxury - Dalaunay Restaurant
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Getxo Bilbao - Luxury - Kupka Cocktail Bar
Palacio Arriluce Hotel Bilbao Getxo - Luxury - Kupka Cocktail Bar
Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Luxury - Bilbao Getxo - Meeting Room

Our facilities

A sense of serene luxury prevades at Palacio Arriluce Hotel, offering guests a unique and exclusive experience.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Marina Suite - Room with views of the Cantabrian Sea - Getxo Bilbao
Rooms and Suites

There are 49 luxury rooms, each with its own identity and great views. Every area of the Palacio Arriluce uniquely conveys the meaning of colour, light and art.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Gastronomy - Delaunay - Getxo Bilbao

Our unique gastronomic offer is led by the Basque chef Beñat Ormaetxea in tribute to traditional local cuisine, with a modern touch and a top-quality wine cellar.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel Lujo Bilbao Getxo Spa Wellness
Wellness & Spa

Enjoy a historic wellness space with an à la carte offer including a range of treatments, a spa area and an exclusive gym.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Pool - Terrace - Getxo Bilbao

Our terrace with its superb swimming pool overlooking the Bay of Biscay is the place to enjoy a perfect break during the summer months.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Croquet Field - Bilbao
Croquet Club

At this official croquet court in the Basque Country, you can enjoy the sport most deeply rooted in the family history of the palace and its Anglophile past.

Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Events and Meetings - Getxo Bilbao
Events and Meetings

This is a unique venue to celebrate any event with several facilities available both inside and outside the palace, with views of the Bay of Biscay and surrounded by reminders of the palace’s great artistic past.

Our services and facilities

At the Palacio Arriluce Hotel each guest is unique and special. All our services and facilities are designed to give you a perfect and unforgettable stay.
English Bar and Cocktail Lounge
Wine cellar
Croquet Club
Outdoor Pool
Restaurant and Terrace with sea views
Meeting room and Event tent
Spa & Wellness

Sustainability and responsibility

From the very beginning, the Palacio Arriluce Hotel has shown a firm commitment to the environment and to preserving the wonderful heritage and history of its architecture by conserving the original wood and other elements of the building.
Initiatives embraced by this environmentally aware and sustainable project include using compost from the original land (natural fertiliser) to maintain the current landscaped areas, reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint with local products that also contribute to the local economy, ecological toiletry products, photovoltaic panels and charging points for electric cars.
AA energy
 Solar panels Solar
 Electric charging point Electric charging point
The history of this avant-garde 20th century palace through the eye of the camera.

Take a journey through the different stages in the life of this family palace to learn about its evolution, and the architecture and interior design that have graced this edifice since its beginnings.

Bathers at Las Arenas Beach 1900
In the early 20th century, the middle classes in Bilbao began to abandon the residential areas of the city in favour of the nearby coastal town of Neguri (Getxo).
nterior Decoration of Arriluce Palace 1912
A love of all things English in the cultural and social life of early 20th-century Bilbao was also reflected in the architecture and interior design of these new middle-class residences.
Facade of Arriluce Palace 1925
The Marquis and Marchioness of Arriluce entrusted the construction of their new home to José Luis Oriol Urigüen, who designed it in an English historicist style, inspired by Victorian Gothic and Queen Anne details. 
Main Hall of Arriluce Palace 1925
The construction also included a late 19th century medieval feel that, when combined with an English historicist style, offered comfort, good layout and modern construction in technical terms.
Main entrance of Arriluce Palace 1925
The Marquis and Marchioness of Arriluce’s new abode acted as a spur for other Bilbao families, and soon Neguri became a symbol of prestige and social status.
View of Arriluce Palace from the banks of the Bilbao estuary 1930
The Palacio de Arriluce’s unique profile is part of the skyline that graces the eastern shore of the Bilbao estuary where it meets the sea.
Entrance Portico of Arriluce Palace 2001
The Palacio de Arriluce was declared a Cultural Property under Special Protection in 2001.
Palacio Arriluce Hotel - Facade - 2023 2023
After its complete refurbishment, the Palacio de Arriluce is now opening its doors to offer serene and peaceful luxury in a 5-star hotel that embraces art and the most cutting-edge gastronomy of the area.
Discover the world's first underwater winery - artificial reef in the world

Enjoy a unique tasting experience: the opportunity to taste wines aged under the Cantabrian Sea in the world's first underwater winary-artificial reef.

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Sail the Nervión River and visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Embark in the port of Arriluce by sailboat to discover the city from the Nervión estuary on a tour of its industrial past, accompanied by a glass of txakoli and a pintxo.This tour culminates with a guided visit to the prestigious Guggenheim Museum.

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Give Arriluce as a present

Discover the perfect gift with "Regale Arriluce"!

Palacio Arriluce presents three irresistible options to give unique experiences, a selection of experiences to delight the senses and create unique memories. From dreamy nights to moments of relaxation and exquisite culinary experiences.
Each experience is designed to offer unique emotions. Discover these exclusive proposals, where the art of gift giving becomes an authentic and original expression.

Give Arriluce as a present
Discover wine-making excellence in La Rioja: taste the best wine in the world at the Marqués de Murrieta wineries.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and deep-rooted winemaking tradition of La Rioja as you explore the magnificent facilities of the winery where Marqués de Murrieta wine is made.

This experience culminates with an exquisite lunch paired with the best wine in the world.

Don't miss the opportunity to book now!

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Romantic getaway

Fall in love at Palacio Arriluce Hotel on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea.

At Palacio Arriluce Hotel, we have designed two romantic proposals to enjoy as a couple.

Discover them!

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Experience an opera night in Bilbao

Indulge in an opera night, an exclusive and magical experience offered by the cultural richness of the city of Bilbao.

Let yourself be captivated by the excellence of a distinguished cast in an emblematic setting and savor the enchantment of a unique experience.

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Visit the Loizaga Tower and its exclusive Rolls-Royce collection

Explore the only exhibition in Europe displaying every Rolls-Royce model manufactured between 1910 and 1990, housed in the Loizaga Tower, one of the jewels of Bizkaia’s cultural heritage.

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Excursion to Cabárceno Park

Enjoy a full day with the family, surrounded by nature and animals in semi-captivity at the Cabárceno Nature Park, the most environmentally-friendly leisure environment with animals on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Walk/Route to the Bizkaia bridge

A guided walk or bike ride along the seafront from the hotel to the Bizkaia Bridge, declared a World Heritage Site, ending with a spa session and treatment.

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